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  • Queen’s University in bid to increase European cancer survival to 70 per cent by 2035 04 Feb, 2016 To mark World Cancer Day, scientists at Queen’s are launching a Europe-wide initiative, ‘Vision 70:35’, to increase cancer survival to 70 per cent by 2035.  Led by Professor Mark Lawler, from the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology at Queen’s University Belfast and Vice President European Cancer Concord (ECC), the initiative is in collaboration with the European Cancer Patient Coalition and other European partners.  Speaking ahead of the launch, Professor Lawler said: "Vision 70:35 emphasises the scale of our ambition to improve cancer survival rates by an additional 20% over the next 20 years.  We believe that this target is achievable, provided we share best practice and promote innovation and research across European nations and regions.  It is further evidence of Queen’s U...)
  • First for Northern Ireland: Queen’s Professor appointed to Court of Arbitration for Sports 26 Jan, 2016 A Queen’s Professor has been appointed as an arbitrator to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Known as the international court of justice for sport, Professor Jack Anderson, from Queen’s School of Law, is the first person based in Northern Ireland to be appointed to the organisation in its 20 year history. The organisation is often referred to as the world’s supreme court of justice for sport and CAS arbitrators hear disputes referred from all the main global sporting bodies, including FIFA, the IAAF and the International Olympic Committee. Professor Anderson is recognised globally as an expert in the study of match-fixing in sport having worked with Interpol, FIFA, FIFPro, World Rugby. He is a member of a United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime Expert group on combatting match fixing in sport, and his work on sp...)
  • Queen’s University in new European partnership to fight against invasive species 18 Jan, 2016 The rapid spread of invasive species across Europe, which currently threatens native plants and animals at a cost of €12 billion each year, is to face a major new barrier. Leading scientists at Queen’s, the Institute of Technology, Sligo (project-lead) and Dublin-based INVAS Biosecurity, have announced a new partnership after securing €320,000 from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for new research towards controlling, preventing and eventually eradicating such alien species. The funding comes as EU member states await the publication of a list of up to 50 priority species that governments will be compelled to take steps to manage and eradicate. The new funding will allow the world-leading researchers at Queen’s, and their partners, to further develop the scientific evidence which is helping inform the cruc...)
  • Scientists Sequence First Ancient Irish Human Genomes 07 Jan, 2016 A team of archaeologists from Queen’s University and geneticists from Trinity College Dublin have sequenced the first genomes from ancient Irish humans, and the information buried within is already answering pivotal questions about the origins of Ireland’s people and their culture. The team sequenced the genome of an early farmer woman, who lived near Belfast some 5,200 years ago, and those of three men from a later period, around 4,000 years ago in the Bronze Age, after the introduction of metalworking. Their landmark results are published today in international journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. Ireland has intriguing genetics.  It lies at the edge of many European genetic gradients with world maxima for the variants that code for lactose tolerance, the western European Y chromosome type, and ...)
  • Queen’s researchers in starlight discovery to solve missing water mystery 18 Dec, 2015 Queen’s researchers have collaborated with a team of International astronomers to use the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope to study the atmospheres of ten hot, Jupiter-sized exoplanets in detail - the largest number of such planets ever studied. The team was able to discover why some of these worlds seem to have less water than expected — a long-standing mystery, with their results published today (Monday 14 December 2015) in the Nature journal. Until now, astronomers have discovered nearly 2000 planets orbiting other stars. Some of these planets are known as hot Jupiters — hot, gaseous planets with characteristics similar to those of Jupiter. They orbit very close to their stars, making their surface hot, and the planets tricky to study in detail without being overwhelmed by bright st...)
  • Mexican student Belfast bound for graduation 11 Dec, 2015 One of Queen’s University’s newest graduates is travelling from her home country of Mexico to receive her degree certificate in Belfast this week. Monica Romero, from the Mexican town/city of Mexico City, will graduate with a MA in Society, Space and Culture from Queen’s School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology. Monica said: “Queen’s has a strong reputation internationally for excellence in human geography. The University has a thriving international postgraduate community, which I am delighted to have been a part of. Belfast is a great study destination and I would advise any international student to consider coming to Queen’s to avail of the many opportunities on offer here.” Speaking about her degree, Monica continued: “I have a particular interest in migration and the MA in Soc...)
  • One of the greatest Ryder Cup captains to be honoured at Queen’s 11 Dec, 2015 One of the one of the greatest Ryder Cup captains of all time is to be honoured at Queen’s University today (Thursday 10 December 2015). Paul McGinley will be presented with the degree of Doctor of the University in recognition of his distinction in sport. Born in Dublin in 1966, he became a professional player in 1991 and won his first title on the European Tour at the 1996 Hohe Brucke Open, formerly the Austrian Open. The following year he and Padraig Harrington won the World Cup of Golf for Ireland. He made three Ryder Cup appearances as a player and is famous for his ten-foot putt on the 18th which won Europe the Cup in 2002. He was Vice-Captain to Colin Montgomerie in 2010 and to Jose Maria Olazabal in 2012. His successful captaincy in 2014 is recognised as an inspired example of team leadership. Speaking ahead of receiving his...)
  • Stephen and guide dog Zym celebrate graduation 11 Dec, 2015 Stephen Campbell and his guide dog Zym will be celebrating this week as Stephen graduates from Queen’s University with a Masters in Software Development. Stephen, from Coosktown, lost his sight when he was 16 years old. He completed what is usually a very visually demanding course with the help of a ‘screen reader’ – a piece of software that verbally reads the information on a screen -  even complex computer coding. Stephen is then able to input his own coding using the computer keyboard. During his time at Queen’s, Stephen lived along with his guide dog Zym in specially adapted accommodation at Queen’s Elms Student Village, which included a dog run for Zym to relax or exercise or outside. Looking forward to his graduation Stephen said: “Queen’s assisted me in every way possible to enab...)
  • Lindsay overcomes depression to complete PhD 11 Dec, 2015 Lindsay Broadbent from Castlerock will celebrate graduating with her PhD in Virology and Immunology at Queen’s today (Friday 11 December). During her PhD research at Queen’s, Lindsay investigated innate immune responses to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection. RSV infects every child by the age of two and can cause bronchiolitis and pneumonia. With no vaccine or treatment available for RSV, it is not known why some children suffer from severe disease and why some children only get a mild cold. Lindsay said: “The support and guidance I have received from Queen’s staff has made this all possible for me. I had to take a break from my undergraduate studies because I suffered from depression, but my personal tutor Samantha Taylor, was fantastic. She was there for me to talk to and was very understanding but she w...)
  • Meghan has her eye on the ball at Queen’s graduations 10 Dec, 2015 Meghan Van Portfliet from Colorado, USA, has her eye on the ball at Queen’s graduations. Meghan will graduate with distinction with a Masters of Business Administration, having recently returned from Shanghai where she represented Queen’s at one of the world’s largest international GAA tournaments.  Meghan came to Belfast from the Centennial State to study for the renowned International MBA at Queen’s University Management School. During her time at Queen’s, Meghan embraced University life to the full, participating in a range of extra-curricular activities alongside her studies, a highlight of which was representing Queen’s at the Fexco Asian Gaelic Games in Shanghai. The Asian Games are the largest Gaelic Games tournament in the world outside Ireland. Meghan part of the novice ladies ga...)