High flux, beamed neutron sources employing deuteron-rich ion beams from D2O-ice layered targets



      • Aarón Alejo, (Contributor)
      • A. G. Krygier (Creator)
      • Hamad Ahmed (Contributor)
      • J. Morrison (Contributor)
      • R.J. Clarke (Contributor)
      • J. Fuchs (Contributor)
      • James Green, (Contributor)
      • J.S. Green (Contributor)
      • Daniel Jung, (Contributor)
      • A. Kleinschmidt (Contributor)
      • Z. Najmudin (Contributor)
      • H. Nakamura (Contributor)
      • P. Norreys (Contributor)
      • M. Notely (Contributor)
      • M. Oliver (Contributor)
      • M. Roth (Contributor)
      • L. Vassura (Contributor)
      • Matthew Zepf (Contributor)
      • Marco Borghesi (Contributor)
      • R. R. Freeman (Contributor)
      • Satyabrata Kar (Creator)

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      Dataset underpinning the paper with the same title, in the journal Plasma Physics controlled Fusion, Alejo, A., Krygier, A. G., Ahmed, H., Morrison, J. T., Clarke, R., Fuchs, J., Green, A., Green, J. S., Jung, D., Kleinschmidt, A., Najmudin, Z., Nakamura, H., Norreys, P., Notley, M., Oliver, M., Roth, M., Vassura, L., Zepf, M., Borghesi, M., Freeman, R. R., Kar, S. (2017); http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1361-6587/aa684a
      Date made available2017
      PublisherQueen's University Belfast
      Date of data production2017

      ID: 127192992