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      The School of Psychology's research is organised around 4 research clusters that reflect the expertise and interests of current staff and contemporary themes in Psychological Science. 

      Staff engage in a variety of innovative and pioneering research projects.  Staff may contribute to more than one cluster and a key feature of our research programme is the  leadership the School provides in multi-disciplinary collaborations that address key questions in Psychology.  These collaborations across clusters, different Schools within the University, and colleagues from other Universities produce ground breaking research that furthers psychological knowledge and engenders a spirit of enquiry into Psychology from the most junior undergraduate to the most senior professor.

      Our research is supported by state of the art laboratories and equipment which include: a driving simulator; 128 channel EEG systems; a VR system and whole body motion capture; eye movement tracking systems; transmagnetic stimulation; and a comprehensive test collection.  A mobile testing laboratory brings the ‘lab’ to Schools and promotes our research programme studying children.

      Our pursuit of cutting edge psychological research results in internationally influential research and informs policy and practice and national and local levels. Opportunities abound for psychology to address questions of fundamental importance to uncovering the mysteries of the mind and key issues of contemporary relevance to Society.  Research undertaken by the School today will undoubtedly influence the future of the discipline and Society.

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      18-30 Malone Road
      David Keir Building
      BT9 5BN
      United Kingdom
      • Phone: +44 (0)28 9097 5445
      • Fax: +44 (0)28 9097 5486

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      • Experimental Brain Research

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      • Perception

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      • Schizophrenia Research

        ISSNs: 0920-9964

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      • Applied Animal Behaviour Science

        ISSNs: 0168-1591


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      • Irish Journal of Psychology

        ISSNs: 0303-3910

        Psychological Society of Ireland

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