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Research Interests

Dr Fiona Furlong graduated in 1998 with a B.Sc. in Pharmacology from University College Dublin, and completed her Ph.D. in mammary gland biology in 2003.  Dr Furlong continued her post-doctoral research career as a cell biologist in UCD, spending a short time researching diabetic nephropathy.  In 2008, Dr Furlong was awarded a career development research grant from the Irish Cancer Society which began her interest in understanding the mechanisms of chemoresistance in ovarian cancer.  In 2012, Dr Furlong joined the School of Pharmacy, QUB, as a Lecturer of Pharmacology, where she is currently researching the underlying mechanism of action of a number of candidate microRNAs in chemoresistant ovarian cancer and triple negative breast cancer.

Research Statement

My research group is currently investigating how ovarian and triple negative breast cancer cells develop resistance to the chemotherapies Taxol® and more recently DNA damaging agents.  This work has led to the identification of a number of candidate microRNAs and understanding the myriad of proteins affected by these microRNAs will expand our knowledge of the cell signalling cascades that lead to chemoresistant disease.  Furthermore, we wish to exploit the inherent properties of microRNAs as biomarkers and drug targets. The ultimate remit of my research is: To understand chemoresistant tumours; predict chemo-resistance in patients and identify improved treatment regimens for chemoresistant ovarian and breast cancer patients, thereby impacting significantly on patient prognosis and patient survival.

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