Fiona Furlong
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      Research Interests

      Dr Fiona Furlong graduated in 1998 with an honours B.Sc. degree in Pharmacology from University College Dublin, and completed her Ph.D. in mammary gland cell biology in 2003.  Following on from a short post-doctoral position, researching diabetic nephropathy, Dr Furlong once again focused on cancer biology and in 2008, Dr Furlong was awarded the prestigious career development research fellowship from the Irish Cancer Society.  Since then, her research has focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of chemoresistance in ovarian cancer.  In 2012, Dr Furlong joined the School of Pharmacy, QUB, as a Lecturer of Pharmacology, where she is currently researching the underlying mechanism of action of a number of candidate microRNAs in diseased cells and developing biomarkers of chemoresistance.

      Research Statement

      MicroRNAs were first described in 1993 and have since been developed as biomarkers and therapies for various diseases.  My research has contributed to this field in which we led the discovery that the miR-433 microRNA mediates chemoresistance and poor outcomes for patients with ovarian cancer.  We are centrally interested in interrogating the fundamental biological role of microRNAs in cells so that we can better understand disease pathology resulting from aberrant microRNA expression.  This is an exciting new field of research in which we have only described the tip of the iceberg in terms of microRNA functions.  This research has been funded by the Irish Cancer Society and the Health Research Board of Ireland.

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      • The FASEB Journal

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