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      Research Statement

      Fiona Magowan was educated at the universities of Nottingham and Oxford in Music and Social Anthropology and awarded a D.Phil at Oxford in 1995. She held lectureships in Anthropology at Manchester University (1993-96) and Adelaide University, South Australia (1996-2003) before coming to Queen's University in 2003. She has been Vice-President of the Australian Anthropological Society 2000-2002 and Chair of the Anthropological Association of Ireland (2006-08). She is currently a member of the Royal Irish Academy's National Committee for Social Sciences and Chair of the Music and Gender Symposium of the International Council for Traditional Music.



      Her research interests span issues of movement, music and the senses in anthropology and ethnomusicology. She has conducted fieldwork on religion, ritual and Christianity amongst Yolngu in north east Arnhem Land since 1990 with regular return trips over eighteen years, most recently to research cultural tourism in 2006 and mission history in 2008. Her book, Melodies of Mourning, shortlisted for the 2008 Stanner Award, examines Yolngu sensory awareness of the Northern Territory environment through music and dance, and the emotions produced by women in ritual performance. She has also carried out water development and customary marine tenure consultancies in far north Queensland and north east Arnhem Land. In recent years, she has also worked on senses of musical healing and culture in Northern Ireland and has conducted an ESRC funded project on senses of risk among drivers, pedestrians and other road users.


      Queen's Postgraduate Supervisory Excellence Awards
       Professor Magowan was the first Faculty recipient of the inaugural University Postgraduate Supervisory Excellence Awards in May 2015.
      Queen's Teaching Award 
      In 2007, Prof. Magowan was the first recipient of a Queen's University Teaching Award in the School of History and Anthropology. For further information on the award see links below.

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      Royal Irish Academy Committee for Social Sciences

      Anthropological Association of Ireland:

      International Council for Traditional Music:


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      Expressive Cultures: Sound, Text and Image (Level 1, Sem 2 - ESA1001)

      Performance, Power and Passion (Level 2&3, Sem 1 - ESA2002/ESA3002)

      Anthropology of Sex and Gender (Level 2&3, Sem 1 - ANT2020, ANT3030)

      Dissertation Writing (Level 3 Sem 1 - ANT3003)



      Advanced Anthropological Methods (MA Level, Sem 2 - ANT 7009)


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