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Franziska Schroeder

Dr Franziska Schroeder

Senior Lecturer

Phone: +44 (0)28 9097 1024, +44 (0)28 9097 4726

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CV Franziska Schroeder 2012

Franziska Schroeder
School of Creative Arts
Sonic Arts

Research Interests

Research Statement

Franziska' research interests include the intersection of critical theory and digital performance, the role of the body in the age of technological change, as well as free improvisation practices.

Publications 2008 - 2013

Schroeder, F & Ó hAodha, M (eds) 2014, Soundweaving: Writings on Improvisation. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge.
Schroeder, F 2009, Performing Technology: User Content and the New Digital Media. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Schroeder, F 2009, Re-situating Performance Within The Threshold: Performance Practice 
Understood Through Theories Of Embodiment. VDM Publishing.

Edited Volumes

Schroeder, F 2012, Shifting Listening Identities – Towards a Fluidity of Form in Digital Music. in S Broadhurst & J Machon (eds), Identity, Performance and Technology: Practices of Empowerment, Embodiment and Technicity. Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 24-43.
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Schroeder, F & Rebelo, P 2016, Distributed Sounding Art – Practices in Distributing Sound (eds. Barry Truax, Marcel Cobussen and Vincent Meelberg). in M Cobussen, V Meelberg & B Truax (eds), The Routledge Companion to Sounding Art . Routledge.
Schroeder, F 2015, Performing in the face of the academy: challenges for a creative practitioner within a university. in T Lind (ed.), Konstnärlig Forskning 2015. vol. 2015, Swedish Research Council, Stockholm, pp. 35-38, Swedish Research Council: Artistic Research, Boras, Sweden, 26-28 November.
Schroeder, F & Newland, I 2013, The Musical Body: Devising a choreo-musical interpretation for the work Tierkreis (1974-75) by Karlheinz Stockhausen. in S Reeve (ed.), Nine Ways of Seeing a Body. Nine Ways of Seeing a Body, Triarchy Press, pp. 99.


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Schroeder, F & Rebelo, P, Addressing the Network: Performative Strategies for Playing Apart, 2008, Web publication/site, Unknown Publisher,
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Rebelo, P & Schroeder, F 2006, 'Performing the Order: The Messiness of Play' Performance Research, vol 11, no. 1, pp. 3-8. DOI: 10.1080/13528160600807372

Invited Talk

Invited Keynote Performance, Exploratorium Berlin/Germany

Franziska Schroeder (Member), 28 Jan 2016

Inivted Keynote Speaker: "Performing free - an ethnography of free improvisation practices in Brazil"

Franziska Schroeder (Speaker), 16 Mar 2015

Invited Keynote: Symposium on Artistic Research, 2014, University of Boras, Sweden

Franziska Schroeder (Speaker), 26 Nov 201428 Nov 2014

Invited Keynote Speaker at Dublin's Science Gallery, 2010

Franziska Schroeder (Member), 06 Jul 2010

Performances (selection since 2009)

Perspective on Musical Improvisation, Oxford

Showcase concert of new works for saxophone, SARC, Belfast

Sounds New Contemporary Music Festival, Canterbury

Sonorities Festival, Belfast with Evan Parker (PRS commission)

ICMC Huddersfield, Noise Quartet Concert

Concert Lisbon, Galeria LerDevagar with Ulrich Mitzlaff, Pedro Rebelo, Carlos Zingaro:

Network Concert with Brazil: SARC , Sao Paulo:

Collaborative Radio work: SoundSon European Composition:

The Future University Conference, Mellon Foundation, Cambridge Concert Hall,;

SARC, PhD new commissions showcase concert

Call Them Improvisors! - Music Collective with Evan Parker

Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music,”sounding/the/ne”: a series of network concerts with Evan Parker and international performers in Belfast, Austria and Germany.

Newcastle, Music and Machine Symposium

London, Brunel University, Opening Performance of the 2010 Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts Conference. Live Performance with Stelarc and the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.

SARC Belfast: Concert of newly commissioned works

New York, NYU, Concert and panel discussion

Cork, Body and Music Conference

HERA: Humanities in the European Research area, Berlin opening concert

COMEDIA concert Budapest, Music in the Global Village conference

Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music, Belfast: Premiere of a new commission for pipes, saxophones and 3D animation

Isabel Mundry Showcase performance, Sonic Arts Research Centre Belfast

Center for Musical Performance as Creative Practice (CMPCP), Opening Event of the newly funded AHRC performance/research center: Cambridge

Ars Electronica Center, Linz/Austria - concert and conference

Oscillations Festival, Belfast/UK

CD recording with BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artist Tom Arthurs (trumpet)

Goethe Institute, Lisbon/Portugal

Concert with Evan Parker, Oporto, Portugal

Casa da Música with members of the Remix Ensemble, Sound and Music Computing Conference. Oporto, Portugal

SecondLife Mixed Reality Project with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. Queen’s University Belfast, Brian Friel Theatre, Belfast/UK

Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music; TWO Thousand +NINE symposium final concert

Musical Bodies conference, Royal College of Music, London/UK

Glucksman Gallery, Cork/Ireland

24 Fragments, Fragmented Orchestra Project:


Schroeder, F, Campello, M & Godoy, R, Barely Cool, 2015, Composition, pfMENTUM.
Rebelo, P, Schroeder, F, Jacinto, R & Cepeda, A, Cidade Museu, 2015, Composition.
Schroeder, F, "io 0.0.1 beta++", 2011, Composition, Unknown Publisher, SLAM Records, Amazon, iTunes, eMusic.
Schroeder, F, Rotating Brains / Beating Heart: International collaborative performance with Stelarc, the virtual reality ensemble Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Pauline Oliveros, Martin Parker and saxophonist Franziska Schroeder., 2010, Performance, Unknown Publisher, Antonin Artaud Performance Space, Brunel University London.
Schroeder, F, Caressing the Skin: Mobile Devices and bodily engagement, 2009, Design, Unknown Publisher, Online.
Schroeder, F, May there be…, 2008, Composition, Unknown Publisher, Creative Source Recordings.
Schroeder, F, Faint, 2007, Composition, Unknown Publisher, Creative Source Recording.

Recently Funded Projects

Big ears - Sonic art for public ears

Schroeder, F.


AH/I500677/1, £10,273, Arts & Humanities Research Council

Real-Time Performance in Virtual Worlds

Rebelo, P. & Schroeder, F.


AH/D000572/1, £201,639, Arts & Humanities Research Council

Peer Review / Advisory Roles

AHRC Peer Review College since 2011

Inference: A Journal of Audio Culture

Franziska Schroeder (Member of the advisory board), 2011 → …

Two Thousand + SIXTEEN

Franziska Schroeder (Organiser), 26 Nov 2016, Two Thousand + SIXTEEN

DRHA 2015

Franziska Schroeder (Speaker), 02 Sep 2015, DRHA 2015

DRHA 2015

Franziska Schroeder (Conference committee co-chair), 01 Sep 201503 Sep 2015, DRHA 2015

Two Thousand + FIFTEEN Symposium

Franziska Schroeder (Organiser), 25 Apr 2015, Two Thousand + FIFTEEN Symposium

Interface - International Conference on Live Interfaces

Franziska Schroeder (Member of programme committee), 20 Nov 201423 Nov 2014, Interface - International Conference on Live Interfaces

TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association), 2013

Franziska Schroeder (Participant), 05 Sep 2013, TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association), 2013

International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Slovenia

Franziska Schroeder (Meta-reviewer), 2012, International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Slovenia

Reviewer for NIME Conference 2012

Franziska Schroeder (Participant), 2012, Reviewer for NIME Conference 2012

Two Thousand + TWELVE Symposium

Franziska Schroeder (Organiser), 2012, Two Thousand + TWELVE Symposium

4th International Conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interfaces, Cambridge, Massachussets, USA

Franziska Schroeder (Meta-reviewer), 25 Jan 201027 Jan 2010, 4th International Conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interfaces, Cambridge, Massachussets, USA

Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA)

Franziska Schroeder (Chair), 2010, Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA)

Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts - Dynamic Networks of Knowledge and Practice: Contexts, Crises and Futures, Queen's University Belfast

Franziska Schroeder (Member of programme committee), 07 Sep 200909 Sep 2009, Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts - Dynamic Networks of Knowledge and Practice: Contexts, Crises and Futures, Queen's University Belfast


Music technology, disability and inclusion in the UK: 3 year research grant to the AHRC, to be submitted on 1st February 2016. Currently in internal peer review stage.

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 01 Dec 201630 Nov 2019

Distributed Listening - socially engaged arts, successful AHRC Grant as a PI (July 2015: £97k)

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 01 Dec 201501 Aug 2016

Shortlisted for Queen's University Sustained Excellence Teaching Award (2015)

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 01 Apr 2015

Queen's RTDF funded (2015) 'Big Ears – sonic art for public ears' new collaboration

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 25 Mar 201527 Mar 2015

PRS funded project "Women Make Music"

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 01 Feb 201501 Dec 2015

Application to British Council Researcher Links Program, 2014

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 06 Mar 201408 Mar 2014

AHRC application (£59k): From Town to Gown and all the way back – Creative Arts and Cultural Industries in Northern Ireland

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 01 Mar 2013 → …

RCUK Public Engagement With Research Catalysts Scheme: Inspiring Lives: Creating Futures, SUPI Project. Co-I for Queen's Creative Technology Team - 2012 - 2016

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 01 Dec 201201 Dec 2016

HEA Teaching Development Grant for "Big Ears – learning to design sonic art for public ears", (£7.5k) 2012-2013

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 01 May 201230 Apr 2013

British Council Northern Ireland / China - UK artist exchange (£7k), 2012

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 2012

Higher Education Academy Seminar Grant

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 2012

QUB Teaching Award (Rising Star)

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 2011

Specialist Award for Public Engagement Training

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 2010

Arts Council of Northern Ireland - New Work Commission Grant (£4k)

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 2009

Arts and Humanities Research Board, Small Grant in the Creative and Performing Arts

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 2003

DAAD: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, One year Music Performance Study Grant

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 20022003

ETIC, Lisbon/Portugal/CIRCUS 2001. Banco Comercial Portugues, Lisbon: multimedia work development grant

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 2001

University Medal for top Undergraduate student and significant contributions to university life

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 1998

Rotary Club Award: Award for outstanding musician (Australia)

Franziska Schroeder (Recipient), 1996