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Gascia Ouzounian

Dr Gascia Ouzounian

Senior Lecturer

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Address: Music Building, Queen's University Belfast, BT7 1NN


Dr Gascia Ouzounian is Senior Lecturer in Music at Queen’s University Belfast. As a musicologist and violinist her work is situated in relation to experimental music traditions of the last century. Her research examines topics that include the history of spatial audio, site-specific sound art, multichannel electroacoustic composition, and the intersection of experimental music and visual arts traditions after 1960. Her articles appear in many of the leading journals of contemporary music, including Computer Music Journal, Contemporary Music Review, Organised Sound, Leonardo Music Journal, and Journal of the Society for American Music.

As a violinist who specialises in contemporary music performance, and as a composer, Dr Ouzounian has performed and presented her work internationally at venues including Carnegie Hall, Issue Project Room, Diapason Gallery (NYC), Modern Art Oxford, basso (Berlin), STEIM (Amsterdam), BEAM Festival (London), and Green Man Festival (Wales), among many others. She has performed with artists including Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, the Hutchins Consort, Sinfonia Toronto (as a soloist), the Biomuse Trio (an ensemble that performs with biotechnologies), and the Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble, a contemporary music ensemble based in Northern Ireland.

Dr Ouzounian currently holds two AHRC grants stemming from interdisciplinary research projects. The first, ‘Hearing Trouble’, stems from her long term collaboration with the architect Dr Sarah Lappin, and entails a comparative study of urban and public sound art in post-conflict cities including Belfast and Berlin. The second, ‘Pet Sounds’, develops new technologies for collaborative composition via social media networks.

With Dr Lappin she co-directs the research group Recomposing the City: Sound Art and Urban Architecture. This group brings together sound artists, composers, architects and planners in examining acoustic approaches to urban architecture. In 2013 she founded Optophono, a label that publishes interactive works of music and sound art.


Selected Publications  

Ouzounian, G and Lappin, S. (2014). 'Soundspace: A Manifesto.' Journal of Architecture & Culture 2(3): 305-316.

Ouzounian, G. 2014. ‘Acoustic Mapping: Notes from the Interface’ in The Acoustic City (eds. Matthew Gandy and Benny Nilsen). Berlin: Jovis.

Lyon, E., Knapp, R. B., and Ouzounian, G. 'Mapping in Computer Chamber Music: A Case Study'. Computer Music Journal

Ouzounian, G. 2014. ‘Sound Art’, Oxford Encyclopedia of Aesthetics. Oxford University Press.

Ouzounian G and Papalexandri-Alexandri M. 2014. 'Correspondences'. Current Musicology, special issue on Experimental Writing on Music, ed. D. Gutkin. 

Ouzounian, G (2013). 'Recomposing the City: A Survey of Recent Sound Art in Belfast'. Leonardo Music Journal. LMJ 23: 47-54. Free download available.


Ouzounian G. (2011) 'The Uncertainty of Experience: On George Brecht's Event Scores'. Journal of Visual Culture 10(2): 198-211. 

Ouzounian, G. (2010). 'Interview with Paul DeMarinis'. Computer Music Journal 34(4): 10-21.

Ouzounian, G. (2010). 'The Luminous Ear: An Introduction to the Sounding Visions of Paul DeMarinis' in I. Beirer, S. Himmelsbach, and C. Seiffarth (eds.), Paul DeMarinis: Buried in Noise: 9-21. Heidelberg and Berlin: Kehrer Verlag.

Ouzounian, G. (2009). 'Impure Thinking Practices and Clinical Acts: The Sonorous Becomings of Heidi Fast'. Organised Sound14(1): 75-81.

Ouzounian, G. (2008). 'Contemporary Radio Art and Spatial Politics: The Critical Radio Utopias of Anna Friz'. Radio Journal 5(2&3): 129-142.

Ouzounian, G. (2008). 'History, an Exit Strategy: The RetroFuture Fabulations of kara lynch.' Journal of the Society for American Music 2(2): 177-201.

Ouzounian, G (2008). Sound Art and Spatial Practices: Situating Sound Installation Art Since 1958. PhD Dissertation. University of California, San Diego. 

Ouzounian, G. (2007). 'Visualizing Acoustic Space: The Story of Poeme électronique'. Revue Circuit 17(3): 45-56.

Ouozunian, G. (2006). 'Embodied Sound: Aural Architectures and the Body.' Contemporary Music Review 25(1-2): 69-79. 



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