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Karen Mooney

Dr Karen Mooney

Research Fellow

Phone: 028 42727806

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Research Interests

My main research interests are in aquatic systems, the ecological interactions within and how the affect/are affected by human activities.  My primary interest is in algae, being the basis of many aquatic systems and an integral part of their functioning.  I have worked with toxic freshwater cyanobacteria, examining their interactions with zebra mussels and eutrophic systems. I am currently managing a pilot site as part of an EU project on optimising kelp cultivation.  My main aim is to effectively and sustainably maximise the cultivation potential of kelp and other seaweeds, either alone or in conjunction with other aquaculture or renewable energy technologies, and to enhance the policy and community engagement processes around coastal and offshore development.

Frequent Journals

  • Environmental Toxicology

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1522-7278

    John Wiley and Sons Inc.

    Scopus rating (2015): SJR 0.819 SNIP 0.816


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