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      • 19th-century British & Irish literature, esp. Dickens
      • Victorian art & architecture
      • Literature and Imperialism
      • The literature of place
      • Canadian literature
      • Modern fiction
      • Religion & ethics


      I grew up in Toronto, and have been at Queen's since 1991.

      Research Statement

      Most of my research has used historicist and post-colonial modes of criticism. I have done significant work in archives, bibliography, the interaction between literature and the visual arts, and in textual criticism. I am currently the Principal Editor of the Charles Dickens Letters Project, and I am working on the authoritative critical edition of Dickens's last completed noel, Our Mutual Friend.

      I have successfully supervised PhDs in the following areas:

      • Dickens studies
      • 19th-century Irish literature and culture
      • 20th-century Irish literature
      • Modern post-colonial fiction & theory
      • 19th-century women's travel writing
      • The literature of landscape

      I would welcome new PhD proposals in the above areas, as well as in

      • Film and fiction
      • TV adaptations of 18th-century/Victorian fiction
      • Modern fiction
      • Textual criticism
      • Landscape literature
      • The literature of place



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      1999 Forging the World of Great Expectations - broadcast by the BBC on 17 April 1999 to accompany the dramatisation of Great Expectations. Participation consisted of interview on prisons, criminality, penal transportation, prison reform, and on being a gentleman. Programme was subsequently made into a 2-hour video, and marketed to schools and universities. 2000 Consultant for BBC's David Copperfield (broadcast on 25-26 December 1999); script writer for "David Copperfield: Dickens's Favourite Child" (educational programme produced by BBC) 2003 Consultant and interviewee for Fiona Shaw's BBC Radio 4 series Lend Me Your Ears, on the sound-world of Dickens; areas covered include the workplace, the home, the streets, places of entertainment, and the river. 2004 Consultant for Shine Productions, for Sky TV programme on "The Real British Suburbia" Consultant for IWC Media, for Sky TV programme on "The Victorians and Sport" 2005 Interviewee for BBC review of Andrew Davies's TV adaptation of Bleak House 2007 Consultant on ITV's "Written Britain" series, presented by Melvin Bragg I am also a frequent contributor to BBC Radio on literature and culture, as well as religion and ethics.


      • Stage 1: Introduction to English
      • Stage 2: Literature and Society 1850-1930
      • Stage 3: Televising the Victorians
      • MA: The Gothic

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