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      Dr Lilian Lieber

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      Research Interests

      I am a research fellow working with Louise Kregting and Pal Schmitt  (Queen's Belfast) as well as with Minesto (renewable energy developper) on the EU funded project 'PowerKite'. Here, I'm using high resolution active acoutsics (Multibeam sonars, ADCPs) to capture mobile marine animals (fish, seals) in the vicinity of a novel underwater tubine, as well as the physics of the surroudning water column to understand the fine-scale distribution and behaviour of animals in tidal flow environments. 

      For my PhD, I have used a multibeam sonar to detect and track basking sharks in the temperate waters off the West Coast of Scotland. More recently, and in collaboration with St Andrews University, Scotland, I have collected multibeam data around atolls and seamounts in the Chagos Archipelago to quantify the spatio-temporal distribtuion of fish in these tropical waters. I have further collected multibeam data off South Africa to contribute to a project investiagting fish distribution and penguin foraging behaviour around islands subject to temporal fishery closures. 

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