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      I work in international, interdisciplinary and collaborative contexts and have been a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities at QUB and a visiting Research Fellow at Australian and Canadian Universities.  I work at the intersections of the social sciences, humanities and creative arts and am currently working with colleagues in Psychiatry, Law, Geography, Drama and Music.  I am interested in the ways in which across the Developed World rural communities are moving away from an agrarian-based society. Here I draw on experience of working in Canada and Australia as demonstrated in my publication record. I have developed a multi-institutional, inter-disciplinary team currently engaged in developing research on a) the representation of family farming, b) the impact of the demise of agrarianism in the ‘farmscape’ on farming men who remain an ‘at risk’ from suicide c) Stigma and help seeking amongst farming men and d) the development of creative, qualitative methodologies.  I draw on epistemologies from agricultural, rural, cultural, historical, creative, gendered and emotional geographies. 


      I would be interested in hearing from potential PhD candidates in any of the above areas.


       Senior Research Fellow (September 2014-15), Institutefor Collaborative Research in the Humanities, Queen’s University, Belfast

       Adjunct Lecturer (March 2014-15) Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, School of Humanities)

       Visiting Research Fellow (2014), University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, School of Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences





      Research Statement


      Price, L., SImpson, M. (2017), The Trouble with Accessing the Countryside in Northern Ireland, Environmental Law, (forthcoming)

      Price, L. (2017) The Women's Land Army in WW2: Geographies of Gender Identity, (in draft)

      Price, L. (2017)  Land, Home and Community: The Farmscape of Family Farming in the UK, Journal of Rural Studies, (in draft)

      Michael, L., Murtagh, B. & Price, L. (2016) Spatializing Peace and Conflict: Mapping the Production of Places, Sites and Scales of Violence. Bjorkdahl, A. & Buckley-Zistel, S. (eds.). Houndsmill: Palgrave

       Bassett, J., Gallagher, E., & Price, L. (2014). Personal Tutors’ Responses to a Structured System of Personal Development Planning: A Focus on ‘Feedback’. Journal for Education in the Built Environment, (0), 1-15.

       Bricknell, K., Maddrell, A., Martin, A. and Price, L. (2013) By Any Other Name? The Women and Geography Study Group, Area. 45, 1, pp.11-13

       Price, L. (2012)Rural Support Organizations in the UK and Canada: Their Role in Supporting Patrilineal Family Farming, Sociologia Ruralis, 52, pp. 353-376

      Price. L. and Conn, R. (2012) ‘keeping the Name on the Land’: Patrilineal Succession in Northern Irish Family Farming. In M. Lobley and J. Baker, 2012 (eds.) International Perspectives on Succession and Retirement on Family Farms, Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 35-52 (Academic Publications

       Price, L. (2010a) ‘Doing it with Men’: Feminist Research Practice and Patriarchal Inheritance Practices in Welsh Family Farming, Gender, Place and Culture, 17, 1, pp.81-99

      Price, L. (2010b) The Damaging Impacts of Patriarchy on UK Male Family Farmers, Chapter Three. In G. Winchell, Doug Ramsey, R. Koster, G. Robinson, Eds. Sustainable Rural Community Change: Geographical Perspectives from North America, the British Isles, and Australia, Eastern Washington University Press, Spokane, Washington, U.S., pp. 42-62

       Price, L. and Evans, N. (2009) From Stress to Distress: Conceptualising the British Family Farming Patriarchal Way of Life, Journal of Rural Studies. 25, 1, pp. 1-11

      Price, L. (2009) (forthcoming) The Damaging Impacts of Patriarchy on UK Male Family Farmers. In 'The Global-Rural: Rural Change, Connections and Scale', University of Eastern Washing Press, Spokane, Washington, US

      Price, L. (2009) (forthcoming) Historical Geographies of Gender, European Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Elsevier

      Price, L. (2006) A new Farming Subsidy? Women, Work and Family Farm Survival, Royal Agricultural Society England Journal, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, pp. 1-18

      Price, L. and Evans, N. (2006) From 'As Good as Gold' to 'Gold Diggers': Farming Women and the Survival of British Family Farming, Sociologia Ruralis, 46, 4, pp. 280-299

      Price, L. and Evans, N. (2005) Work and Worry: Revealing Farm Women's Way of Life. In Little, J. and Morris, E. (eds.) Critical Studies in Rural Gender Issues, Ashgate, Aldershot

      Research Reports

      Price, L., Gallagher, E. and Ritchie, H. (2008) Report on Work Phase One of the TQEF Funded Project on 'Student Engagement and Computer Assisted Self-Assessment (CASA)', 'A Module-Level Implementation of an Embedded model of PDP to Support and Encourage Student Engagement with the PDP Process of Structured Reflection, Planning, Action and Review', Queen's University, Belfast

      Price, L. and Bell, J. (2008) ' Discourses of Rural Support Networks in the UK and Ireland', Report for Irish Social Science Platform, Queen's University, Belfast

      Journal Reviews

      Sociologia Ruralis

      Journal of Rural Studies

      Gender, Place and Culture

      Social and Cultural Geography

      Journal of Historical Geography

      Research Grants

      (2016) AHRC, 750k (with Ciaran Mulholland, Paul Murphy, QUB, Mark Riley, Liverpool University), 'Blood in the Soil', (not funded)

      (2016) Leverhulme Trust (50k), The Women's Land Army in NI in WW2 (not funded)

      (2007) QTEF - £12,000 Computer Assisted Student Assessment, Work Phase One 'embedding personal development planning - encouraging critical, reflective learning

      (2007) £200.00 Centre for Canadian Studies £200.00 - Travel Award

      (2007) Centre for Excellence, Queen's - Public Health - ESRC - (overall £5,000, 000) - part of consortium of qualitative researchers.

      (2008) Foundation for Canadian Studies - Partnership Development £800.00

      (2008) Queen's Internationalization Fund £1,200.00

      (2008) ISSP (Irish Social Science Platform) 'Discourses of Rural Support Networks' -UK and Ireland £5,000

      (2008) Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning 'Discourses of Rural Support Networks' - Canada £3,000



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