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      Concrete Technology with particular interest in (a) Cement Replacement Materials, e.g., Pulverized Fuel Ash, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, Condensed Silica Fume and Metakaolin, especially their use in Fast-Track Construction, (b) Thermal Stresses in Concrete at Early Ages, (c) Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete in Structures, for example, (i) Modeling of Radar Signals Propagating through Concrete, (ii) Interpretation of Radar Signals from River Scour Hole Surveys, (iii) Subsurface Radar as a Tool for Non-Destructive Testing and Assessment in the Construction and Building Industries, (iv) Early Age Acceptance Criteria of Concrete, (d) the Influence of Amplitude and Frequency in the Compaction of Concrete by Vibration, (e) Use of Construction and Demolition Waste as Aggregate in Concrete, for example, Developing Precast Concrete Products made with Recycled Construction And Demolition Waste, (f) Concrete Floors, e.g., Peeling Off of Dry-Shake Finishes, (g) The Effect of Environmental Factors on the Early Age Strength Development of Concretes, (h) Reactive Powder Concrete, e.g., Mix Design, Mechanical Properties and Impact Resistance of Reactive Powder Concrete, (i) Development of Reactive Glass Powder Concrete for Concrete Flags, (j) High Strength Concrete, especially aspects regarding Mix Design and Rheological Properties, (k) Geopolymer "Cementless" Concrete, (l) Energy Efficient Buildings, (m) Footfall Induced Vibration of Floor Structures, and, (n) Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) for Bridge Structures, e.g., nonlinear fracture mechanics for modelling punching shear response of UHPFRC bridge decks.

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