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      Research Interests

      I am a cultural and political geographer with particular interest in critical perspectives on security, processes of border making, geographies of embodiment, critical cultural analysis and feminist and queer theory. My research examined the use of border making technologies in the Israeli control over the occupied Palestinian territory. I also research political activism and the securitization of public spaces. Prior research projects of mine included analysis of modes of embodiment and the political and social implications of the new reproductive technologies.

      Achievements and Distinctions

      Senior Research Fellow, The Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice (2015-2016)


      GAP7413 Geographies of Security and Securitisation (Designer and Convener)
      GAP1011 Human Geography in the Modern World
      GAP3074 Geographies of Contested Spaces (Designer and Convener)
      GAP2054 Cultural and Political Geography
      GAP7402 Introduction to Critical Geography
      GAP7406 Research Methods and Design

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