Mihalis Doumas

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      I completed my undergraduate (1999) and masters degrees (2001) in Sport and Exercise Science in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. I moved to the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham where I did my PhD (2001-2005) and then to Belgium to work as a postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven, initially funded by a university project (2006-2008) and then by a research fellowship from the research foundation of Flanders (2008-2011). Since August 2011 I am a Lecturer in Psychology at Queen’s.

      Research Interests

      I am interested in the way sensory information and cognitive resources are utilised for optimal motor behaviour. My work focuses on (1) Life-span development of sensorimotor and cognitive processes (2) multisensory integration in postural control and (3) timing of rhythmic movements, using Neurophysiological (TMS, TDCS), cognitive (working memory, executive control) and Developmental (Life span) approaches.


      I teach in three undergraduate modules and I supervise Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students

      PSY1007 Using Psychology in Everyday Life 2 - Influencing Individual Behaviour

      PSY2064 Perception and Psychobiology

      PSY3098 Ageing: Mind, Brain and Behaviour



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