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      Dr Moira Dean is a senior lecturer in Psychology of food choice and consumer behaviour. She has carried out research on the psychology of food choice and risk perceptions including the application of social psychological models of attitude-behaviour relationships to food choice and dietary change, in the areas of organic food, wholegrain, portion size, healthy shopping and food labeling, with children, adults and older people. She is experienced in qualitative and quantitative methodologies for the assessment of attitudes, values, perceptions and barriers associated with food, health and sustainable living.

      Moira has worked on a number of projects investigating food and consumer behaviour and risk communication, including Communication partnerships: effects of consensus, disagreements and expertise (funded by the FSA), Consumer decision making on organic products (CONDOR) (EU Framework 5), Satisfaction with food related quality of life in later life (Senior FOOD QUL) (EU Framework 5),  Healthgrain: Benefits of grains for the good of modern consumers (EU Integrated project, Framwork 6); Ways of harmonizing nutrient recommendations across Europe (EURECCA) (EU Integrated project, Framwork 6), Early Nutrition programming- long term follow up of efficacy and safety trials and integrated epidemiological, genetic, animal, consumer and economic research (EARNEST) (EU Integrated project, Framwork 6) and Integration of social and natural sciences to develop improved tools for assessing and managing food chain risks affecting the rural economy (RELU).

      Moira was PI on the Safefood project Good days Bad days: Investigating the healthy habits of shoppers. She is currently Co-investigator on: Consumer portion size decision making ( Safefood), Food Marketing to the pre-school child (safefood), ‘Senswell’ - Sensory food satisfaction in promoting healthy and sustainable eating behaviour (The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation) and ‘FLICC’ - Front of pack food Labelling: Impact on Consumer Choice (MRC).

      Moira coordinates the following modules on the Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition Degree:

      Honours project (ALU3001) & Psychology of Food Choice (ALU2020)

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