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      Research Statement

      Most of my published research to date has engaged with the impact of class and gender hierarchies on wellbeing and quality of life, typfied in my first book Hegemony and Fantasy in Irish Drama, 1899-1949 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008) and articles in journals such as Healthcare,  Theatre Research International and Theatre Journal.

      Research Interests

      I engage in collaborative, interdiscipinary research that focuses on how the theories and practices of drama can be deployed in education and training scenarios in medicine and social work. I work with colleagues in clinical science, public health, sociology and education on projects involving arts-based interventions on sociomedical issues. I am also interested in how drama is adapting to the digital revolution particularly in terms of how theatre history can be radically reimagined through advanced information technology.

      Achievements and Distinctions

      In 2017 I received a a Queen's University Teaching Award in the Team category for interdisciplinary education with colleagues in Medicine and Social Work. In 2012 I was honoured to receive a Queen's University Teaching Award in the Student Nominated category.


      I served as Secretary General of the International Federation for Theatre Research responsible for communications and digital technology 2011-2016. I was President of the Irish Society for Theatre Research 2008-2011.

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