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      Research Interests

      - Translation theory and practice

      - Translation of sacred, religious and devotional texts

      - Bible translation

      - Ideological aspects of translation

      - Translation and linguistics

      - Cognitive semantics

      - Ethnolinguistics

      I was the Principal Investigator in an AHRC-funded Research Networking grant (2012-2015) exploring English evaluative concepts in translated religious and devotional texts. My collaborative parters are based at the University of Ulster (UK), Nida Institute (New York). San Pelegrino Institute (Misano Adriatico, Italy), Jagiellonian University (Kraków, Poland), and the University of Alicante (Spain).


      - Theory and Practice of Translation

      - Translation and Linguistics

      - Translation and Public Policy

      - Translation of Sacred Texts

      - Principles and Practices of Interpreting

      - Research Contexts

      - Commercial Interpreting

      - Principles of Community Interpreting

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      Contribution to conference papers, events and activities

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