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      Research Statement

      My research interests centre around two key topics: first, the ways in which states and other actors respond to international crimes and mass human rights violations, and second, the various factors and contexts which influence the invisibility or visibility of certain crimes and harms.

      My PhD examined the extent to which international criminal courts can respond to the needs and interests of victims. In particular, it focused on the role of victims within the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. Drawing from critical victimology, socio-legal theory and procedural justice theory, it considered how the rights victims were given, and the 'justice' which they received from the Court, was shaped by the various political, legal and civil society actors involved in the Court's work.

      I am currently a co-investigator on a PACCS grant which explores how communities and cultural property can be restored after conflict ( I am also a co-investigator on a GCRF pilot project, which considers representations of victimhood at dark tourist sites.

      I am also interested in responses to sexualised and gender based violence, and in particular in the ways in which international criminal law has addressed these specific forms of violence.




      Rights and Accountability (MLaw) (Module Coordinator)

      Rights and Accountability (UG)

      Evidence (MLaw) 

      International Human Rights Law (LLM)



      Advisor of Studies 1st Year Single Honours 

      Personal Tutor 

      Deputy Director of the Human Rights Centre

      Postgraduate Development Officer in the Gender, Justice and Society Network



      PhD in Law (QUB) 2016

      Diploma in Scottish Legal Practice (University of Edinburgh) 2012

      LLM in Public International Law (University of Leiden) 2010

      LLB Scots Law (1st Class Hons) (University of Dundee) 2009

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