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      • Information and Network Security
      • Cloud and Virtualisation security
      • Industrial Control and SCADA Security
      • Host and Mobile Malware Analysis
      • Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) Security
      • Android Malware Analysis Security
      • Network processing architecture
      • Memory architectures for network processing
      • System on Chip Architecture
      • Entrepreneurship, Innovation – Start Up and Technology Transfer

      Research Statement

      Research undertaken under my supervision targets various aspects of information and network security technologies. The main focus has been the acceleration of network processing and cyber security related functions by exploring novel hardware based parallel processing architectures, System on Chip (SoC) and programmable technologies, including MPSoC and FPGA. The projects have been funded by a number of research funding bodies including EPSRC, ESRC, FP7, Innovate, InvestNI, and Industry. The broader topic of active research projects include:

      Multiprocessor systems on a Chip (MPSoC) for network and signal processing. MPSoC for regular expression, packet classification and digital signal processing.
      High performance sort, search and look-up circuit architectures for IP packet header processing, packet classification, routing, QoS and network security processing.

      • High-performance parallel network traffic and content analysis circuits and processing architectures
      • On-chip/off-chip packet buffer architectures, memory access technologies, packet caching and embedded distributed memory architectures
      • Network on Chip and on-chip communications
      • Mobile security, Android malware analysis and detection methods based on static analysis and machine learning algorithms
      • Industrial Control and Critical Infrastructure protection (protection of networked ICS / SCADA Security, SCADA specific IDS/IPS)
      • Software Defined Networking and Virtual Network Function (SDN/VNF) security
      • Host based and Cloud based malware analysis and real-time threat detection methods
      • Network based detection of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) - malware botnets, spam, spyware
      • Real-time detection, prevention and attack mitigation technologies for various forms of cyberattacks, including Application Layer DDoS attacks, intrusion-based attacks, SQL injection, etc..

      Research output in high-performance network security processing led to the development of the world's fastest content (RegEx) processor for inspecting Internet traffic at 100Gbit/s. Research output, competencies and know-how in IP packet and flow classification led to multimillion dollar research contracts with industry and the transfer of technology. International research collaboration with ETRI and Hanyang University in Korea led to numerous key research outputs in malware detection and produced new cybersecurity technology tailored for highly virtualised Cloud Computing Services. Underpinning innovations in IP traffic feature extraction and classification combined with highly optimised machine learning algorithms are core research skills and capabilities defining the research output and research projects.



      • MSc Digital System Design, 320ELE852 - (Full Module 2 Semesters)
      • MSc Systems and Computer Security, CSC7001- (Full Module 2 Semesters)

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