Stéphanie Bertet

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Research Interests

I am a researcher interested in the perception of space and reproduction of space. Space reproduction is (too) often treated as a physical and mathematical challenge… However numerous questions go beyond physical reproduction of sound. Can we reproduce a physical space over headphone or loudspeaker as if the listener would be in the space? What key aspects of an auditory space need to be reproduced? Can we “transport” a musical piece from one venue to another without (deliberately) transform it? Can space be translated? Numerous questions that I am interested in and investigate.

Another field of study is tinnitus reproduction. Interfaces are developed to help patients at reproducing their tinnitus not only describing it but actually verbalising the sensation they have and creating sounds similar to their tinnitus (another translation!).


MTE2005 - Acoustics, 1st semester, 2nd year BSc in Music Technology

MTE3005 - Psychoacoustics, 1st semester, 3rd year BSc in Music Technology

MUS7075 - Spatial Audio, 2nd semester, MA in Sonic Arts

SCA7005 - Audio Editing, Experiment design, MA Level



Convener of the MA in Sonic Arts

Liaison officer for Big Band

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