Ulrike M Vieten

      Dr Ulrike M Vieten

      Queen's University Research Fellowship

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      Research Interests

      Cosmopolitanism and nationalism in Europe; Normalisation of difference; Migration and Citizenship, Social Justice, Democracy and Inclusion, Racism, Ethnicity and Gender, Continental Philosophy, Feminist Theory (e.g. I M Young), Transnationalism and Diaspora, Far right populism

      Research Statement

      I studied first Social Science (MA) and Law (BA) in Oldenburg and Bremen (Germany), and do hold a MA in Gender & Ethnic Studies (University of Greenwich, 2004). I was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy/ Ph.D for my Thesis 'Situated Cosmopolitanisms: the notion of the Other in discourses on cosmopolitanism in Britain and Germany', in 2008 (University of East London, UK).

      Before coming to Belfast I held researcher positions at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam), at the University of Sheffield and at the University of Luxembourg.

      My work engages theoretically and empirically with the (de-)construction of racialised, classed and gendered group boundaries, particularly in the context of nationalism, cosmopolitanism and the shifting axes of difference and otherness. I apply a range of methods (e.g. Critical Discourse Analysis; visual methods/ semiotics; narrative methods) and as being trained interdisciplinary, I work with Feminist/ De-colonial and Critical Theory.

      As a political and historical sociologist I focus on migration and citizenship (e.g. the situation of asylum seekers and refugees in NI), the rise of far right populism and its normalisation in Europe and beyond, and further look at conceptual issues related to social equality and justice (class, gender & intersectionality).

      Research Interests

      My first monograph , Gender and Cosmopolitanism in Europe: a feminist perspective' was published with ASHGATE (now ROUTLEDGE)  in 2012.



      Gender and Cosmopolitanism in Europe: A Feminist Perspective (Hardback) book cover

      Research Interests

      More recently, in 2016, I published the co-edited book (with G. Valentine) 'Cartographies of Differences: Interdisciplinary Perspectives'


      Research Interests

      My theoretical interest in the tension between processes of normalisation ( and the critique of it) on the one hand an dnotions of democratic inclusion led first to a symposium I organised in Amsterdam in 2012; and in 2014 an edited collection:

       Revisiting IRIS Marion Young


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