A Hamiltonian approach to simulation of acoustic systems involving nonlinear interactions

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      Nonlinear interactions take place in most systems that arise in music acoustics, usually as a result of player-instrument coupling. Several time-stepping methods exist for the numerical simulation of such systems. These methods generally involve the discretization of the Newtonian description of the system. However, it is not always possible to prove the stability of the resulting algorithms, especially when dealing with systems where the underlying force is a non-analytic function of the phase space variables. On the other hand, if the discretization is carried out on the Hamiltonian description of the system, it is possible to prove the stability of the derived numerical schemes. This Hamiltonian approach is applied to a series of test models of single or multiple nonlinear collisions and the energetic properties of the derived schemes are discussed. After establishing that the schemes respect the principle of conservation of energy, a nonlinear single-reed model is formulated and coupled to a digital bore, in order to synthesize clarinet-like sounds.


      Original languageEnglish
      Pages (from-to)4219
      JournalThe Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
      Journal publication dateNov 2013
      Issue number5
      StatePublished - Nov 2013

      ID: 6876155