Approach to chaos in ultracold atomic and molecular physics: Statistics of near-threshold bound states for Li+CaH and Li+CaF

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      • Matthew D. Frye
      • Masato Morita
      • Christophe L. Vaillant
      • Dermot G. Green
      • Jeremy M. Hutson

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      We calculate near-threshold bound states and Feshbach resonance positions for atom–rigid-rotor models of the highly anisotropic systems Li+CaH and Li+CaF. We perform statistical analysis on the resonance positions to compare with the predictions of random matrix theory. For Li+CaH with total angular momentum J=0 we find fully chaotic behavior in both the nearest-neighbor spacing distribution and the level number variance. However, for J>0 we find different behavior due to the presence of a nearly conserved quantum number. Li+CaF (J=0) also shows apparently reduced levels of chaotic behavior despite its stronger effective coupling. This may indicate the development of another good quantum number relating to a bending motion of the complex. However, continuously varying the rotational constant over a wide range shows unexpected structure in the degree of chaotic behavior, including a dramatic reduction around the rotational constant of CaF. This demonstrates the complexity of the relationship between coupling and chaotic behavior.



      Original languageEnglish
      Article number052713
      Number of pages11
      JournalPhysical Review A (Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics)
      Journal publication date23 May 2016
      Issue number5
      StatePublished - 23 May 2016

      ID: 58946781