Electron-beam-induced ferroelectric domain behavior in the transmission electron microscope: Toward deterministic domain patterning

      Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

      • James L. Hart
      • Shi Liu
      • Andrew C. Lang
      • Alexander Hubert
      • Andrius Zukauskas
      • Carlota Canalias
      • Richard Beanland
      • Andrew M. Rappe
      • Miryam Arredondo
      • Mitra L. Taheri

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      We report on transmission electron microscope beam-induced ferroelectric domain nucleation and motion. While previous observations of this phenomenon have been reported, a consistent theory explaining induced domain response is lacking, and little control over domain behavior has been demonstrated. We identify positive sample charging, a result of Auger and secondary electron emission, as the underlying mechanism driving domain behavior. By converging the electron beam to a focused probe, we demonstrate controlled nucleation of nanoscale domains. Molecular dynamics simulations performed are consistent with experimental results, confirming positive sample charging and reproducing the result of controlled domain nucleation. Furthermore, we discuss the effects of sample geometry and electron irradiation conditions on induced domain response. These findings elucidate past reports of electron beam-induced domain behavior in the transmission electron microscope and provide a path towards more predictive, deterministic domain patterning through electron irradiation.



      Original languageEnglish
      Article number174104
      JournalPhysical Review B
      Journal publication date11 Nov 2016
      StatePublished - 11 Nov 2016

      ID: 120540381