225th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society

  • Katja Poppenhaeger (Keynote speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentation typesInvited or keynote talk at national or international conference


Invited talk "The Interactions of Exoplanets with their Parent Stars".
Many exoplanets orbit their parent stars at close distances, with semimajor axes of only a few stellar radii. It is therefore a long-standing question if such close-in planets can influence the physical properties of their host stars, especially their magnetic activity level. While cool stars usually spin down with age and become inactive, an input of angular momentum through tidal interaction, as seen for example in close binaries, can preserve high activity levels over time. This may also be the case for cool stars hosting massive, close-in planets. A variety of magnetic interaction scenarios has also been explored in models. However, selection effects from planet detection methods may skew the activity levels seen in samples of exoplanet host stars, so caution is warranted. Several observational and theoretical advances have been made in studying the interactions between exoplanets and their host stars, and I will review these developments and outline the observational opportunities arising with current and upcoming telescopes.
Period07 Jan 2015
Event title225th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Event typeConference
LocationSeattle, United States