Board Member of the Mental Toughness Advisory Board

Activity: Consultancy typesWork on advisory panel to industry or government or non-government organisation


I am a Board Member of the Mental Toughness Advisory Board, a community of circa 20 - 25 people, balanced between Senior Academics, AQR and Senior Practitioners. Ideally representing each continent and as wide a range of sectors as possible – education, occupational, health, sport, social etc., the objective is to harness the skills, enthusiasm and interest of stakeholders in order to: Create a big picture view of the Mental Toughness concept; Identify where research and development of the concept and, in particular its applications, may be usefully directed and supported; Develop collaboration between interested parties to create case studies, research papers, approaches and development products.
PeriodFeb 2021
Work forAQR International, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionInternational