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We aim to study the performance of floating platforms for wind turbines using high fidelity numerical models, considering different hydrodynamic and anchor configurations. We will use a code for which the Researcher is a developer and therefore some of the results will be obtained in the development of numerical modeling techniques for CFD applications. However, most of our work will focus on creating new knowledge about the dynamic response of offshore wind turbines in extreme weather conditions. In particular, the performance of mooring systems for tension-leg platforms will be evaluated starting from previous investigations carried out by the Researcher and by Dr. Karimirad. Furthermore, we will try to study the hydrodynamic response of the well-known DeepCWind platform concept.
PeriodNov 2022Nov 2023
Visiting fromUniversitat Politechnica de Catalunya (Spain)
Visitor degreePhD
Degree of RecognitionInternational