Chair of Student Voice Committee/Student Voice Champion (2017-2021)

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Improved the ‘Student Voice’ by enhancing the effectiveness of the Staff-Student Consultative Committee/Student Voice Committee and by ensuring that student's opinion is heard at the Learning & Teaching Committee. I worked on enhancing the student-staff communication and student learning experience across all aspects of the education process by the following innovative approaches:
1- Created a video that increased the willingness of students to nominate themselves for the CBMSE Course Rep role (See Media Section)· 
2- Promoted the Student Voice within the Centre by conducting two focus groups (30th Jan 2018/19 and Feb 2017/18) to promote students’ voice and encourage their participation and engagement and collect their feedback on the education process. The outcome of these activities was circulated to all academics and further actions were undertaken. These were also analysed in depth at an ‘Away Day’ with staff and students at Riddell Hall on 22nd June 2018 to review the organisation of the programmes.
3- Ensured that student issues from module evaluations, First Year and Second Year Experience Surveys, the National Student Survey and SSCC are brought to the attention of the Learning & Teaching Committee and the Centre Board and that issues were solved and reported back to students.
4- Ensured that the outcomes of Student Voice Committee and L&T Committees and the Centre's response to FYE, SYE and NSS are reported back to students.
5- Ensured that students have had the opportunity to comment on any proposed changes to the programmes.
6- Promoted the Student Voice by ensuring the student Body has representatives appointed according to protocols of the Students' Union. In the beginning of every academic year, I liaise with the Student Officer for Education and the SU Student Voice about raising student awareness of joining SSCC and encouraging future recruitment to make sure that I have recruited additional student representatives to adjust staff/student membership ratio of the SSCC by actively encouraging students to sign up as Course Reps through promoting the benefits of SSCC involvement and Degree Plus recognition.
7- Developed a SSCC handbook for use as a student resource
8-  Engaged Course Reps in developing a handover document that includes details of the activities they have undertaken, including hints and tips to the next person taking on this role next year (one page reflection on their time as representatives) to motivate and encourage students to nominate themselves for the role of Course Reps in the next academic year.
9- Dates of the meetings were aligned with the Academic Board Meetings and the Learning and Teaching Committee meetings. Reviewed the process of feedback to the student body and implemented a new process to improve communication between the Course Rep and all students through emails after taking the consent of the Course Reps. 
10- Gave input to the SV team at SU (Louise McGeough) about what should be included in the Induction Training Courses to improve their effectiveness next year. SV team at SU mentioned that they really can't emphasise how important my input was. Their message to me: "Your feedback will inform our programme for all Academic Reps next academic year", 31st March 2021.
11- Created a video for SVC that had an impact in increasing the numbers of the Course Reps

Feedback stated in the SVC Minutes: “Student Reps acknowledged that responses to issues raised were well received by all students”, 12 Dec 2018.

 Feedback from Course Rep Stage 2 HB: “By bringing these issues directly through the SVC Chair to the module coordinators, it seemed that issues had been addressed, and for the most part they were. If something was unable to be changed it was always explained to us, why it could not be changed”, 13th March 2019.

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