Clinical Trial - Chemoprevention in BRCA1 mutation carriers (CIBRAC) - a proof of concept clinical trial

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Women who have a BRCA1 mutation have a significant lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. Currently, these women are offered risk-reducing surgery in the form of removal of both breasts. Although effective, this procedure has risks, as well as physical, psychological and sexual implications for the women. This project lays the groundwork in establishing alternative, non-surgical methods of reducing breast cancer risk in these women. If we can successfully reduce their risk of breast cancer using medication, we will provide these women with greater choice in managing their risk, and contribute to enabling them to live longer, healthy lives. Mr. Stuart McIntosh is the Chief Investigator of this Study. Dr. Kienan Savage is the Translational and Scientific Lead.
Period01 Apr 201601 Apr 2019