This Workshop brought together educators, researchers, innovators, and representatives from the 3rd sector to collaboratively design a PhD training programme focused on discovery AI for health. Its objectives were: (1) Identify the needs and required skillset for discovery AI and AI-led discovery research in health. (2) Identify research challenges in discovery AI. (3) Foster partnerships between academia and industry to drive discovery AI and AI-led discovery research in health.


The workshop took place on 2 June 2023, in a hybrid format, with participants able to join either in person at the Computer Science Building (0G/018) or via MS Teams.


The workshop included various presentations and discussions on different topics related to discovery AI and its application in healthcare innovation. These included an overview of the proposed PhD training programme, discussions on discovery AI, the acceleration of DAI through edge computing and quantum computing, and specific examples of discovery research in diseases, public health, and ageing.


The workshop also provided networking opportunities and facilitated industry-academia matchmaking, allowing participants to connect with potential collaborators and explore opportunities for collaboration between the academic and industry sectors.
Period02 Jun 2023
Event typeWorkshop
Degree of RecognitionNational