Conference presentations prior to joining QUB

Activity: Talk or presentation typesInvited or keynote talk at national or international conference


WAAVP, 25th International Conference, Liverpool, UK, 2015. Northward spread of the
nematode Angiostrongylus vasorum in the United Kingdom.
 *British Cattle Veterinary Association, annual congress, Hinckley, 2014. The Gloworm
project: an update for practitioners.
 * FAO / IAEA consultants’ Meeting on the effect of climatic change on animal production
and health – the way forward. Vienna, Austria 2010. “Veterinary parasitology and climate
 * CNRS Centre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé, France, seminar series 2010. Parasites and
wildlife ecology.
 British Association for Veterinary Parasitology (BAVP) / Irish Society for Parasitology joint
annual meeting, Dublin 2009. “Angiostrongylus vasorum: an update.”
 WAAVP, 22nd International Conference, Calgary, Canada 2009:
o * Symposium convener: “Should we worry about parasite extinction: a veterinary
o “Can live weight gain based targeted selective treatment strategies be used on
commercial farms?”
o “Environmental contamination with Toxocara spp. eggs: towards quantitative
o * Symposium: “Future challenges for parasite control: helminths of livestock.”
 * Novartis seminar on companion animal practice, Croydon 2008. “Recent advances in
understanding of canine pulmonary angiostrongylosis.”
 * University College Cardiff seminar series 2008. “Modelling parasite transmission in
migratory saiga antelopes.”
 * University of Aberdeen seminar series 2008. “Parasites of saiga antelope in Kazakhstan: a
moving tale.”
 Irish Society for Parasitology annual symposium, Cork 2008. “Can farmer behaviour
mitigate the effects of climate change on parasitic disease?”
 * Merial symposium on nematode control in the dairy herd, Crewe 2008. “Treatment of adult
dairy cows: implications for refugia.”
 * Merial international symposium on climate change and parasitic disease, Tunis 2008.
“Farmer mitigation.”
 *BAVP annual meeting 2007, Moredun Research Institute, Edinburgh. “Targeted treatment
of nematodes in dairy cattle using bulk milk tank anti-Ostertagia ELISA”.
 WAAVP 21st International Conference, Gent, Belgium 2007.
o “Predicting the spread of the heartworm Angiostrongylus vasorum from climatic data.”
o “Modelling the spread of the emerging canid heartworm Angiostrongylus vasorum.”
 * Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management, London 2006. “Parasite reservoirs of
parasitic disease”.
 * European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine 16th International Congress, Amsterdam
2006. “Angiostrongylus vasorum: epidemiological and molecular aspects.”
 * VLA/HCC veterinary training day in parasitology, Carmarthen, 2006. “Nematode control in
sheep: a New Zealand perspective.”
 * Society for Conservation Biology 20th annual meeting, California 2006. “Decision-making
in a migratory ungulate – effects of human intervention in a dynamic system”. MilnerGulland, EJ and Morgan, ER.
 * Sheep Veterinary Society spring meeting, Cambridge 2006. “Diagnostic parasitology for
the practice laboratory.”
 * Pfizer 2nd International Symposium on Toxocarosis, Paris 2006. Invited chair,
epidemiology session.
 WAAVP, 20th International Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand 2005.Eric Morgan CV
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o “New approaches to modelling the epidemiology of nematode infection in livestock.”
o Symposium, Parasites of wildlife, invited chair.
 British Association for Veterinary Parasitology annual meeting 2005, Sutton Bonington.
“Angiostrongylus vasorum: an emerging parasite of dogs in the UK.”
 International Conference on Emerging Snail Borne Helminthic Diseases, Copenhagen 2005.
“The epidemiology of urban angiostrongylosis in Wales.”
 * Think Tank on Wild Mammals and Disease, Oxford 2005. “Modelling disease transmission
in wildlife: the saiga antelope as a case study.”
 British Association for Veterinary Parasitology annual meeting, Bristol, Sep 2004. “Parasite
transmission between wild and domestic ruminants in Kazakhstan.” Invited speaker.
 * NERC/EPSRC Workshop on uncertainty, complexity and predictive reliability of
environmental / biological models, 2004, Nottingham. “Parasites of the saiga antelope:
transmission in a variable environment.”
 * Institute of Parasitology, University of Zurich, 2003. “Climate, weather and parasite
transmission on the Kazakh steppes.”
 Irish Society for Parasitology and BAVP Joint meeting, 2002, Dublin. “A steppe by steppe
guide to Saiga parasites.”
 Irish Society for Parasitology Annual meeting, 2001, Dublin. “Parasites of saiga antelopes
and domestic livestock in Kazakhstan.”
 1st Student Conference on Conservation Science, 2001, Cambridge. “A field study of
parasites of the saiga antelope in Kazakhstan.
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