Disseminating good practice for learning and teaching

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This is my educational activities for the year 2021 so far:

1-    Active Participant in the Anatomical Society Educators Forum. The Theme was about "Reflecting on the COVID-19 response", 21st April 2021


This online session was organised by the Education Committee of the Anatomical Society on the 21st April 2021. I have nominated myself to be a speaker together with around 10 other educators from different UK universities. I shared views and experiences on how I facilitated effective online learning for the dental and MSc students. I was able to promote the innovative educational work that I did during Covid-19 with regards to teaching and assessment. 


In my discussions, I explained the following: 

What changes I have to make in order to facilitate effective learning? 

What changes will I keep in the longer term and why? 

What benefits have I personally received as a result of the changes in my teaching/ assessment delivery?  


I copy pasted the lines below from the Education Committee/Anatomical Society Twitter Page: 

Great @anat_soc session from the Education Committee led by the brilliant @DrHannahShaw & @SarahBChannon on Covid teaching strategies. Thanks to all who came & shared their insights. @liv_i_murray @leonard_shapiro @venkatesh_asha @dr_keenan @laurenclunie @debrapatten @EMeguid. 



2-    Invited Speaker - British Association of Clinical Anatomists - 10th Feb 2021.  

The theme: "BACA beat- After the Chaos". 

A host of experienced anatomy teachers from the four nations of the United Kingdom share their experiences of anatomy teaching, learning and assessment during the covid pandemic. 


I was invited by the British Association of Clinical Anatomists as a speaker from Northern Ireland to give a Talk on how I adapted my anatomy teaching during Covid and what changes I intend to keep going forward Post-Covid. My presentation was uploaded on the BACA website page and is visible for the members. 

These are examples on how I disseminated good practice in teaching nationally and internationally among the Anatomy Community.