EAAS Modern and Contemporary Poetry Network

Activity: Consultancy typesContribution to the work of national or international committees and working groups


An international network of poetry scholars from across Europe, the United States and Asia, engaged in the discussion, analysis and promotion of modern and contemporary American poetry.

Philip McGowan philip.mcgowan@qub.ac.uk (Chair)
Maria Cristina Giorcelli mariacristina.giorcelli@uniroma3.it
Viorica Patea vioricap@usal.es
Tatiani Rapatzikou trapatz@enl.auth.gr
Olivier Brossard olivier.brossard@u-pem.fr
Maria Proitsaki maria.proitsaki@telia.com
Catherine Gander Catherine.Gander@mu.ie
Manuel Brito mbrito@ull.es
Eve Cobain cobaine@tcd.ie
Mirella Vallone mirella.vallone@unipg.it
Daniela Daniele danadaniele@libero.it
Ayse Lahur Kurtunc ayselahur@hotmail.com
Irene Polimante irene.polimante@gmail.com
John Wrighton J.Wrighton@brighton.ac.uk
Walter Hölbling whoelbli@ull.es
Nick Selby N.Selby@uea.ac.uk
Roger Craik rogercraik@gmail.com
Tadeusz Pioro t_pioro@poczta.onet.pl
Stamatina Dimakopoulou sdimakop@enl.uoa.gr
Cristina Iuli cristina.iuli@uniupo.it
Steven Axelrod steven.axelrod@ucr.edu
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