Early Autism Intervention Strategies for Infants and Toddlers: Unveiling the SPARC

Activity: Talk or presentation typesPublic lecture/debate/seminar


In this seminar, we will embark on an exploration of the SPARC (Sequential Parent Curriculum), a scientific approach to supporting infant neurodevelopment through a novel, incremental methodology. In this 2-hour seminar, we will unveil the SPARC's distinctive strategy aimed at enhancing developmental trajectories for children between 6-18 months of age (also useful for older children). Tailored for infants and toddlers predisposed to autism or exhibiting developmental delays, based on the science of behaviour analysis, and aimed at equipping parents with techniques that bolster neurodevelopment, the SPARC differentiates itself by streamlining the learning journey and prioritizing the acquisition of individual skills sequentially and in a fun way. The SPARC facilitates a profound and lasting impact on both the caregiver and child's learning outcomes.

The seminar will focus on:
• Pre-diagnostic intervention: Discover how to act promptly on early developmental concerns without waiting for an official autism diagnosis.
• Understanding neuroplasticity: Learn about the brain's remarkable ability to change and adapt during the first two years of life and how to make the most of this critical period.
• Recognizing early signs of autism: Gain insights into the earliest indicators of autism within the first year of life and what they mean for your child.
• Navigating the SPARC: Explore how the SPARC's sequential learning and mastery criteria can guide you and your child through a tailored developmental journey, fostering a stronger bond and ensuring significant progress.
What participants will learn:
• The fundamentals of the SPARC's sequential learning approach, ensuring focused and effective skill development.
• How to identify and respond to the earliest signs of autism and developmental delays in infants and toddlers.
• Strategies to leverage the critical window of neuroplasticity in the brain's first two years for optimal development.
• Practical, step-by-step guidance on using the SPARC to supercharge your infant's brain development and improve quality engagement during play.

This seminar is a vital entry point for any parent, caregiver, or professional committed to optimizing developmental opportunities during a crucial phase of growth. Join us to discover how you can proactively and effectively contribute to your child's developmental journey, laying the groundwork for the future.
Period30 May 2024
Held atSchool of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work
Degree of RecognitionInternational