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The recent trend in sensing technology development is to build from multidisciplinary aspects and brings a new horizon of collaborative studies from electronics, physics, chemistry, informatics, biosciences, and related fields especially in this era of nanotechnology. The enormous range of research topics focus on the specific design and application of sensors for biomedical, food safety, chemical, and environmental monitoring, which lead to detection advancement, performance enhancement, or system simplicity for practical use in various experimental fields. You are cordially invited to submit your novel studies in the nanosensor field to this Special Issue entitled, “Nanosensors: Sensing Principles, Systems, and Applications”.

Topics within the Special Issue scope include:

Sensing design – theory and simulation of sensors.

Sensing structures and principles – micro- and nanofabrication, nanostructures, nanoparticles, nanomaterials, organic materials, nanodevices, low-dimensional materials, metamaterials, metal oxide structure, 2D materials for sensors.

Sensor platforms: optical, electrochemical, plasmonic, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), magnetoresistive, field-effect transistor (FET), high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) sensors.

Lab-on-a-chip: microfluidics, MEMS, micro-TAS, particle trapping, optical tweezers.

Signal processing for sensors – data acquisition, smartphone sensor display, signal enhancement, pattern recognition, machine learning for sensors.

System integration – wearable sensors, instrumentation and circuits for sensors.
Low-cost and disposable sensors: organic sensor, lateral flow, miniaturized device, portable sensor, reusable sensing membrane, colorimetry sensing, non-lithographic fabrication, green synthesized sensors.

Sensing treatment – surface, crosslinking and interface functionalization, assay strategy, sensing in complex media.

Sensors applications – chemical sensors, gas sensors, biosensors, environmental monitoring.
Period01 Jan 202131 Jan 2022
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  • Nanosensors, Sensing Principle, System and Application