MMI WEDNESDAY 10th February 2021 13-17:30 pm

Abdel Meguid, E. (Examiner)

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Dear all,

I wish to thank everyone again for your time and expertise working as interviewers and coming along as reserves.

As the interview period progressed it became clear that running a stringent interview process to rank candidates was even more important. These applicants will, in the majority, have had no written formal examinations for the past two years. Thank you for making it possible to keep the interview part of the process close to normality.

I realise that it took time to get used to the new setting and format. Over the 17 sessions of interviews the whole process involved 7357 breakout room changes! It was a huge effort of concentration from each of you and our PAO team to keep everything moving accurately throughout.

My thanks particularly during a winter when both university staff and clinical colleagues have had the additional difficulties of adapting to your own new working patterns and environments with all the additional work that has entailed

Best wishes

Inez Cooke

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