Path into microneedles to tackle global healthcare challenges in paediatric population

Activity: Talk or presentation typesInvited talk


Drug delivery in pediatric patients represents considerable challenges related, for instance, to difficulty to swallow tablets and capsules, palatability of liquid oral formulations, and crucially, aversion to needles when injections are required. Microneedle array patches (MAPs) are minimally invasive devices used to deliver drugs via the skin. MAPs consist of baseplate from which tens to hundreds of regularly arranged micro-projections protrude from. The tiny microneedles by-pass the stratum corneum and deposit the drug in the viable epidermis, where the actives are absorbed into the skin microcirculation, and subsequently distributed to the entire body. Due to the small size of the microneedles, frequently less than 1 mm, nociceptors and blood capillaries are not reached, avoiding pain and bleeding during application. The polymeric nature of MAPs allows the delivery of a wide variety of molecules and dose levels, ranging from small water-soluble molecules, peptides, and vaccines to high doses of hydrophobic compounds. This presentation will discuss the utility of MAPs in overcoming key healthcare global challenges, including the delivery of antibiotics for the treatment of tuberculosis and neonatal sepsis, antiretroviral drugs for HIV positive people, antimalarial and antiparasitic drugs, local anesthesia, and vaccines. Many of these conditions are highly prevalent in countries where healthcare systems are underdeveloped, so a drug delivery system that does not require refrigeration, can be self-applied with no need for help from trained personnel, and can deliver the drug over weeks or months is an attractive option. Furthermore, given the fact that MAPs can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials, they can be specifically designed to soak up interstitial fluids from which different biomarkers and drugs and can be monitored. This presentation will also include examples of MAPs used for monitoring different molecules and biomarkers.
Period30 Sept 2022
Event titleEuropean Paediatric Formulation Initiative
Event typeConference
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