Raviv Ganchrow

Activity: Hosting a visitor typesHosting of external, non-academic visitor


Hosted sound artist Raviv Ganchrow at Queen's University as part of Recomposing the City research group.

10 Dec: Raviv Ganchrow’s (1972) work focuses on interdependencies between sound, location and listener, aspects of which are explored through sound installations, writing and the development of acoustic forming and vibration sensing technologies. Recent installations examine context-specific sites in contemporary modes of listening. His on-going Listening Subjects project examines the contextual circuitry of listening whereby audibility, surroundings and subjectivity are conductive of one another. He has been teaching architectural design in the graduate program at TU Delft and is currently a faculty member at the Institute of Sonology, University of the Arts, The Hague.

11 Dec: Shipping Forecast explores the complex relations between territory and transmission in BBC Radio 4’s shipping bulletin. Coordinated recordings following the long-wave journeying of a signal from inside a studio at Broadcasting House; to the transmitter at Droitwich; to a shipat sea; to a transistor radio several hundred kilometres away; reveal audible aspects of broadcasting. The piece examines attractions between language, geography, radiation and precipitation where transduced speech addresses, defines as well as physically occupies dimensions of terrestrial space.
Period10 Dec 201411 Dec 2014
Visiting fromThe Haque Conservatorium (Netherlands)
Degree of RecognitionInternational