Research degree supervision prior to joining QUB

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PhD (principal advisor):
1. Nor-Azlina Abdul Aziz (2012-16). Parasite life history adaptation to climate change. Government of
Malaysia scholarship. Destination: Lecturer, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia.
2. Josephine Walker (2012-16). Predicting and attenuating parasite transmission between wildlife
and livestock in Botswana. UoB Overseas scholar. Destination: PDRA, University of Bristol.
3. Nlingisisi Babayani (2011-16). Novel Approaches to an Automated Decision Support System for
on-Farm Management of Internal Parasites of Small Ruminants (with Dr J van Wyk, University of
Pretoria). Destination: Government veterinary officer, Botswana.
4. Tong Wang (2010-14). Climatic influences on the free living stages of the sheep parasite
Haemonchus contortus. Destination: PDRA, University of Calgary, Canada
5. Muhammad-Bashir Bolajoko (2011-14). Modelling transmission of Haemonchus contortus.
Destination: researcher, Vom national veterinary research institute, Nigeria.
6. Kathryn Stafford (2006-10). Targeted selective treatment strategies for nematodes of grazing
ruminants (with Gerald Coles, University of Bristol). Destination: PDRA, University of Bristol.
7. Jan van Dijk (2005-08). Climate change and the epidemiology of nematodes in sheep. BBSRC
veterinary fellowship studentship. Prize for best PhD thesis in Science Faculty 2008. Destination:
PDRA, now Lecturer in Veterinary Epidemiology and Population Health, University of Liverpool.
MSc by research (principal advisor):
1. Francesca Tavolaro (2013-15). Use of the FAMACHA© system for targeted treatment of
nematode parasites in small ruminants in southern Africa.
2. Collette Taylor (2013-14). Parasite transmission between deer and livestock.
3. James Scott-Baumann (2013-14). Nest box material and parasites of blue tits.
4. Sophie Olah (2012-14). Targeted treatment of liver fluke in sheep.
5. Rebecca Grainger-Wood (2012-14). Effects of climate on the gill parasites of trout.
6. Owen Gethings (2012-13). Forecast models for nematode infection risk in lambs.
7. Susan Thomas (2012-13). Coccidia-nematode interactions in alpacas.
8. Lydia Baines (2011-13). Parasites of elephants in the Okavango delta, Botswana.
9. Simon Allen (2010-13, part time). Lungworms of hedgehogs.
10. Hazel Wilkie (2011-12). Climate and anthelmintic resistance in sheep.
11. Peter Sirl (2011-16). Breeding for resilience to nematodes in sheep under climate change.
12. Emma Nelder (2011-12). Parasites of backyard chickens in the UK.
13. Cosmin Chintoan-Uta (2011-12). Drug resistant nematodes in deer.
14. Claire Reigate (2011-12). Toxocariasis in soil and risks of zoonotic infection.
15. Jou-An Shih (2010-11). In vitro assessment of anthelmintic drug efficacy.
16. Luke Roberts (2009-10). Angiostrongylus vasorum in gastropod hosts.
17. George Gakos (2008-09). Parasite aggregation in grazing animals.
Successful MSc students progressed to PhD study (6), to work in industry (4) or government (2), or as
intercalators returned to the veterinary course (5).