Research grants prior to joining QUB

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2015-20. BBSRC sLoLa. The BUG consortium (Building Upon the Genome: using Haemonchus
contortus genomic resources to develop novel interventions to control endemic GI parasites). £290,655
of £3,156,966 (Bristol lead, Co-I under E Devaney, University of Glasgow)
 2016-19. BBSRC. Functional housing systems for high welfare in laying hens: promoting natural
behaviours in safe environments. £676,000 (Co-I under J Tarlton, Bristol)
 2016. University of Bristol, Brigstow Institute. Poo patrol: a toolkit for community-based intervention
against dog fouling £3,850 (PI with D Watson and K Turner, Bristol)
 2015-16. BBSRC Impact accelerator award. Weather-smart worm control – targeted
application of anthelmintic dugs on organic sheep farms. £19,732 (Co-PI with H Rose, Bristol)
 2015-16. NERC Urgency Grant. Saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica tatarica) mortality in
Kazakhstan 2015: emergency investigation of disease outbreak to improve knowledge of
drivers. £51,881 (Co-PI with EJ Milner-Gulland, Oxford and R Kock, RVC)
 2013-16. BBSRC / TSB Rapid diagnostics of endemic animal disease. AutoFEC: Automated parasite
egg count technology to support targeted treatment of grazing livestock. £274,685 of £621,689 (PI)
2011-15. EC FP7 STREP “GLOWORM: Innovative and sustainable strategies to mitigate the impact of
global change on helminth infections in ruminants. €210,000 of €2,998,486 (Bristol lead, Co-I with
Vercruysse, University of Gent, Belgium)
 2010-13. BBSRC / Dfid Combating infectious diseases of livestock for international development.
RISCNET: Remote integrated systems for controlling nematodes using emerging technology for both
resource-poor and commercial farmers. £60,546 of £1,009,889 (Morgan, Bristol lead, Co-I with Knox,
Moredun Research Institute)
 2009-11. Defra (UK Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). The detection of
anthelmintic resistance in cattle. £161,882. Co-PI with Coles, Bristol.
 2008-10. Petplan Charitable Trust. Molecular and immunological evaluation of small heartworm
infection (Angiostrongylus vasorum) in dogs. £99,092. Co-PI with Shaw, Bristol.
 2006-09. EU FP6 STREP, food quality and safety. PARASOL: Novel solutions for the sustainable
control of nematodes in ruminants. €163,000 of €3M. Co-PI with Coles, Bristol.
2006-08. Morris Animal Foundation First Award. Molecular epidemiology of the emerging canid
heartworm Angiostrongylus vasorum. US$108,000. PI
2014-15. HCC (Meat Promotion Wales). WAARD (Wales against anthelmintic resistance
development). £7,157 of £52,560. Sub-contractor to Techion Ltd.
 2014-15. Novartis Animal Health. A multi-national survey of tapeworms in dogs. £16,000 (PI)
 2013-14. BBSRC Impact accelerator award. Applying targeted treatment strategies to
nematode infections of smallholder livestock in southern Africa. £15,000 (PI)
 2011-14. The Horse Trust. Multidrug resistance in horse worms: a ticking time bomb?
WormTrust: a decision support system for sustainable parasite control. £15,000 of £79,404.
Co-I with Mathews, Moredun Research Institute.
 2010-11. Wellcome Trust. Veterinary Research Entry Fellowship: Cosmin Chintoan-Uta. Are
deer a vector of anthelmintic resistance nematodes between farms? £36,634. (PI)
 2009-11. Cultural Bureau, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Egypt, Channel Scheme.
Methods for the quantification of infection risk from environmental pollution with Toxocara
spp. eggs. £9,000 (PI)
 2009-11. Novartis Animal Health. Seasonal dynamics of Angiostrongylus vasorum infection in
the slug intermediate host. £5,000 (PI)
 2011. University of Bristol, BRISK pilot project. Farmer attitudes to resilience in the face of
increased disease risk. £5,000 (PI)
 2009-10. University of Ghent. Multicentre prevalence study of Giardia duodenalis in calves.
€7,000. Co-I with Claerebout.
 2006-07. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Trust. Clinical significance of the heartworm
Angiostrongylus vasorum in dogs in the UK. £4,721 (PI)
 2006-07. Novartis Animal Health. Distribution of the emerging heartworm Angiostrongylus
vasorum in dogs in the UK. £5,500 (PI)
 2006-07. Merial Animal Health. Application of bulk milk ELISA for Ostertagia ostertagi to
targeted nematode control in dairy cows. £9,000. Co-I with Coles, Bristol.
 2005-06. Sheep Veterinary Society. Effective use of coprological diagnosis to aid control of
nematodes in sheep. £1,200 (PI)
 2004-06. Toxocarosis: towards integrated epidemiology and control. Petplan Charitable Trust.
£4,000 (PI)
 2004-05. Diagnostic applications of faecal egg counts in sheep. Merial Animal Health UK.
£8,000 (PI)
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