Reviewer for ANR Grant Review Process 2017

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Dear colleague,

We thank you once again for your involvement in the review process of the generic call for proposals 2017.

The ANR recently published the list of selected proposals (funding instruments concerned : JCJC, PRC and PRCE), which was made possible thanks to your contribution.

We now invite you to log into our website * in order to:
Download a certificate to attest you have worked as a reviewer for the ANR ;
Know the status of the proposal that you reviewed :
Selected, i.e. the proposal is funded ;
Supplementary list, i.e. the funding of the proposal is subject to release of additional funding or abandonment of one selected proposals ;
Not selected.
Read the answer to the external reviews- including yours- that was written by the PI and used by panel members (rebuttal).
Please note that the PI was allowed to answer only once (max. 2000 signs including spaces), no matter how many external reviews were received.

Hoping we will have the opportunity to collaborate with you in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

Director of scientific operations of ANR