The Discourses od Wellbeing in Pakistan: Voices of the pupils and teachers in secondary schools.

Activity: Examination typesPhD external examination


My PhD research investigates the understandings of wellbeing by pupils and teachers in secondary schools in Pakistan's North-West. Four secondary schools in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa serve as the research sites of the study. While all four schools follow the national curriculum of the country, they cater to monetarily different student population. Through individual and group interviews with teachers, and focus groups with children from each school, the research locates the prominent discourses that shape the construction of wellbeing in the country. The discourse emerge from the data, and do not come from a single written or oral source. The findings demonstrate that discourses are representative of my participants' worldview; they think of wellbeing in the way they do because it is the societal commonsense to conceive wellbeing in that particular way. In my discussions I talk about the inter and intra school differences in the data, and contrast the wellbeing understandings in Scotland with those of my participants.
Theoretically my study draws on the Capability Approach, particularly the work of Martha Nussbaum.
Period05 Feb 2019
ExamineeSikander Khan
Examination held at
  • University of Aberdeen