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My field research to University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) was conducted between 24 January and 18 February in 2018. I observed three-week rehearsals (from 24th Jan. to 13th Feb.), two dressed rehearsals with invited audiences (14th and 15th Feb.) and two public performances (16th and 17th Feb.). I observed and recorded (in the forms of video/audio/photograph/note-taking with permission) the rehearsals, one Peking Opera vocal technique workshop particular for one actor, the making-up and dressing-up process, the crew meetings before rehearsals, orchestra rehearsals, audience reactions in the public performances. In addition, I had individual interviews with five people, including Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak, the director and translator, one of the resident Chinese artists, and three student actors/musicians. Besides, I collected the paratexts (theatre programme, playbill, marketing materials, and the audience guide brochures) and audited the Drama and Theatre of China course on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The purposes of the field research include: 1) to get to know the production background in Hawaii that accommodates Wichmann-Walczak’s directing and translation model, 2) to explore the collaborative creation process, 3) to observe the staging of each stage signs and the collaborative work in the rehearsals, 4) to observe the revisions of both performance and script in rehearsals, to examine what aesthetics work, what not; 5) to investigate her key strategies in script translation; 7) to do preliminary study on what have been done for the reception in production and how the audience respond to the performance.
Period24 Jan 201818 Feb 2018
VisitingUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa