Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEALL)

Activity: Consultancy typesContribution to the work of national or international committees and working groups


The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) is the leading global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements, and individuals working together to transform the economic system into one that delivers social justice on a healthy planet.
WEAll’s Mission

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance is a 10-year project that aims to catalyse systems change toward the realisation of a Wellbeing Economy. WEAll does this by linking and coordinating activity at all levels of the Wellbeing Economy movement, to create a critical mass of people and organisations working toward a common vision.

A global movement is coalescing among a large number of individuals and organisations around the need to shift economies to one broadly focused on ‘sustainable wellbeing’. They may have used different approaches and different languages, but all share a common goal.
Period01 Jan 2019
Work forWellbeing Economy Alliance , United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionInternational


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