Working Group membership Impact of Counter-Terrorism Legislation on Peacebuilding.

Activity: Consultancy typesWork on advisory panel to industry or government or non-government organisation


Conciliation Resources is concerned that counter-terrorism legislation, and in particular proscription of armed groups, is having a negative impact on the effectiveness of peace-building work led by local organisations and individuals, researchers, international NGOs, governments and international mediators themselves. The impact may be both direct and indirect; affecting internal decision-making and operations, choices where to engage and with whom, and the readiness and ability to engage designated armed groups in dialogue which could lead to a peaceful end to conflict. In the UK we have been leading a BOND working group over the last two years to understand, draw attention and find solutions to the problems affecting peacebuilding and humanitarian charities. We have secured agreement to begin sector-wide-HMG dialogue through joint working groups on the range of issues affecting charities. It will be important that the peace-building dimension of the problem is heard alongside the more immediate, high-profile issues affecting humanitarian work.
Period06 Oct 201501 Oct 2016
Work forConciliation Resources, United Kingdom


  • counter-terrorism
  • legislation
  • peace-building