Abortion Rights

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Interview with Saint Pierre Centre for International Security on Abortion Rights following US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe.

Period11 Aug 2022

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Media contributions

  • TitleAbortion Rights
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media name/outletSaint Pierre Centre for International Security
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    Duration/Length/Size1,300 words
    DescriptionInterview Question: Women's right to bodily integrity, which is free from dualistic constructions of gender and sexuality, seems to be a better argument for abortion rights than the right to choice. However, undesirable outcomes such as the US's denial of the constitutional right to abortion and Ireland's abortion ban occur. We wonder how theories might be improved to deal with the practical obstacles standing in the way of its realization. How will the prohibition of abortion change social perception and practices of motherhood in addition?
    Producer/AuthorLisa Smyth
    PersonsLisa Smyth


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