BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed: Discussion of New Book

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    15 minute interview with Laurie Taylor profiling my book 'The Anthropology of Protestantism', on BBC Radio 4's flagship social science programme, Thinking Allowed: Evangelical Fishermen - the lives and beliefs of fundamentalist Christians living in a remote Scottish fishing village. Joseph Webster, Lecturer in Anthropology, Queen's University Belfast, discusses his study of an austere community of Protestant Brethren struggling with the crisis of the contemporary fishing industry whilst also focusing on the 'End of Days'. How does this most demanding form of religious faith survive in the midst of the tough and perilous work at sea?

    Period01 Jan 2014

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    Media contributions

    • TitleBBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed: Discussion of New Book
      PersonsJoe Webster


    TitleBBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed
    LocationBBC Old Broadcasting House, London, United Kingdom
    Period19 Mar 2014 → 19 Mar 2014