First All-Ireland Cancer Network launched ahead of World Cancer Day 2023.


Breakthrough Cancer Research have launched the very first All-Ireland Cancer Network, AllCaN and invested €1 million in Oesophageal Cancer research with the aim of significantly improving early detection and survival of the disease.


Ireland and the UK have the highest incidence of oesophageal adenocarcinoma worldwide. This unique cross-border collaboration will enable the sharing of data and learnings for the first time.


The AllCaN Grant Programme was created as part of Breakthrough’s new 5-year research strategy (Making More Survivors), to support and facilitate knowledge sharing between exemplary teams in institutions across the island of Ireland, who are taking on less survivable cancers. Successful awardees receive a €1 million investment that will see researchers, clinicians, patients, and industry work together to significantly improve Irish cancer survival rates.

Period04 Feb 2023 → 05 Feb 2023

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Media coverage


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