Defining the landscape for wind blades at the end of service life

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News Article on the US Ireland Re-Wind project

Period14 May 2021

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Media contributions

  • TitleDefining the landscape for wind blades at the end of service life
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    DescriptionThere is a generation of wind turbine blades at or near the end of their useful life. Disposing of them, recycling them or reusing them requires a better understanding of the blade end-of-life landscape.

    There have been a number of journal papers and magazine articles published recently that have addressed the issue of wind turbine blade “waste.” Much of the evidence presented in these articles is felt to be too speculative in the opinion of the authors. Work undertaken by the Re-Wind Network team has raised six key issues for discussion of blade end of life (EOL). These include how to define wind turbine end of life; what is meant by recycling; the quoted time frames; mass and volume conversion issues; definition of tonnage; and location. We discuss these issues and the implications for predicting future blade waste and recycling potential below.
    PersonsLaurance Bank, Emma Delaney, Jennifer McKinley, Russell Gentry, Paul Leahy


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