DIS.CO project partners meet Councillor John Boyle, Mayor of Derry City

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Lucia Klencakova and her supervisor Dr. Maria Pentaraki recently represented Queen's University Belfast at the meeting of the DIS.CO (Distance Counselling Services for Women Victims of Violence or Abuse) project partners hosted by Nexus NI.

DIS.CO is creating a new online counselling service that will offer further protection to women seeking counselling against cyber-crime. It is a brand new measure of protection for those affected by domestic violence funded by Erasmus+.​

The event gave Lucia the opportunity to meet Councillor John Boyle, Mayor of Derry City, policy makers, and external partners such as Nexus, WAVE, University of Tartu, Frederick University Cyprus, Union of Women Association and M&M Pro-Future Training.​

Lucia was given the opportunity to network and engage in conversation about production and design of the proposed website platform and promotional materials.​

Period17 Apr 2019

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Media coverage